Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bodybuilders Of Tawan

One last clip before heading to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. A couple of friends back home are quite the aficionados of the male bodybuilder genre and have been asking me if I'd visited Tawan (the sun) a gathering place for bodybuilders and their admirers on the small side street off of Suriwong Road. I have, although it's really not my cup of tea.

It wasn't my personal choice to go this time, either, but a deeply closeted Thai friend had long wanted desperately to go stare at the guys there, had never had the nerve to go alone and asked if I'd accompany him - so off we went after dinner the other evening.

Normally (and understandably) photography is very rarely allowed in the clubs, primarily due to the internet today and people's ability to splash sensitive and (also understandably) embarrassing photos and videos that are then shared multiple times via multiple sources. Tawan is a bit different, in my opinion - but perhaps this is mere justification on my part. Let me explain my logic on this, and then leave a comment if you want.

The guys there are bodybuilders, and, as you can see, spend most of their time on the job posing for themselves in the mirrored wall that faces the stage. The rest of the time they're sitting around talking amongst themselves, checking their cell phones, playing the odd game of checkers or having a snack. The customers are merely minor interruptions to their posturing and posing. Therefore, as they've only been identified here as bodybuilders that willingly pose repeatedly the same way under multiple public circumstances, I don't feel as though I'm violating their privacy by giving you the opportunity of admiring their physique. After all, it's primarily what many of them live for.

So guys - and you know who you are - here's your clip. I'm happy to share it with you, and happier still that nobody noticed my HD recorder while I was taking them.

Now I'll shut up for a day or two. Back soon.

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Anonymous said...

Bodybuilder #12 could make a LOT of guys turn gay.... including me!!